Monday, October 12, 2009

5AM 10/11

WAKE UP! wake up ! look out your window!
The world is crumbling, ground splitting in half.
look around ! outside, yes, outside
for the people, their running

frantic, paniced.
with piercing screams, heard from miles.

These barriers, these bricks, these soundproof walls.
cannot endure their painful screams.

Life moves slowly,
the curtain, closing.
The window, shut.

In chaos, At peace.

Silence is around you, as you climb

The people, those people
Cringe, and yearn for a second to rest

As you continue to question

If the air is even their. if you're even breathing?
does the world no longer exist?


Megan got off work at midnight and decided to walk into my house and wake me up.
she went home around 2am and when she woke up walked back into my house and woke me up.
mm. i cleaned the house.
and the sentra. and vacuumed it. my mom filled my tank !!!!!!! :o

matt texted me when i was sleeping.
and i sent him a freaking picture of a dog.
i'm still trying to figure out what happened. . ..... . .k.

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