Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Every single thing

i love the Gospel so so much.

I need nothing more. Not food, water. Not the sun, the rain, the air.

I'd give it all up. Every single thing that makes me who i am.
If he asked.
Strip myself of all my belongings, everything that makes me who i am and give myself to him.
I owe him my entire life
I sin everyday. He loves me every minute.

I am overwhelmed ! With comfort, with love, with joy. In so much that i cry - for so long. In gratitude.
How is it Heavenly Father is so selfless. That he wants to best for us. That he's waiting for me to follow the promptings he's constantly giving me, just so he can bless me. With the things that I need. That he knows i need.

I need nothing more. I need to feel close to him. I need him with me, constantly.
i need it like i need to cling to life to save myself when i fall.
I love him so much, i hardly know anything else.
Just that all i need is held in his hands.

All that he's given me. All i'll ever need given to me.

I never thought i'd be so blessed.

1 comment:

  1. just think.. heavenly father thinks the EXACT same way about you :) he needs you! Love you!!