Friday, November 12, 2010

Day 1 Ten random facts about yourself

1. My absolute favorite smell is Curve for men (the cologne! :) )

2. I love going to the dentist

3. I'd go to the gym everyday if it weren't crowded every second of the day. ...but that's not the case. haha!

4. I've always wished i could sing or have some artistic ability. But then i couldn't imagine myself being able to do either. .. so it's alright. haha!

5. I laugh WAY too much. ...but not in an annoying way, i hope.

6. I've never had a TV show i've been addicted to. I prefer the History Channel :)

7. I still miss gymnastics

8. I'll only go to the movies if it's free. (since my sister works there!)

9. Because all else will fail, i pray. :)

10. I'm LDS ! And i love the gospel with all my heart.

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