Saturday, April 2, 2011

Each Side!

I like thinking there's a balance in all things. And regardless of if i'm right or wrong it brings me comfort.
For example, the earth has the most wicked people in the universe, as well as some of the most righteous. Every horrible thing that happens to us, must be paving the area for something incredible. Balance in all things. There must always be a balance.

However, i'm beginning to learn this idea is completely flawed. For if there were a balance in wickedness and righteousness, Heavenly Father would never be strong enough to overpower satan. And if everything i know about everything in life is true - God always wins. He will always reign. Therefore, what i'm blessed with will always be so much greater than what i lack. I will always be more stronger than i am weak. I will always have more comfort than distress, whether i realize it or not. Because there is always more good, and good comes from Heavenly Father.

It's all in what you focus on.

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