Sunday, May 1, 2011

To be found

I guess the sky was always naturally that color blue, today must have been the first day i looked up. But i could swear it was just yesterday i layed in the grass and watched it fade from gray to black before my eyes. Or maybe that was your eyes. And they way they looked at me almost overpoweringly. To where i was lost. Fading the seconds to feel like minutes, the minutes to feel like hours. i felt nothing but your light body feeling like dead weight, and me almost feeling hidden beneath natural warmth. I looked behind you and saw the blue sky fading to a white. Realizing the it was the moon's natural light, that it was no longer the afternoon.

I feel so calm right now that i forgot what i was going to even
Someone asked me who i was today and i wasn't sure exactly how to respond. It led me to make a mental note of everything i was sure of about myself. This is what i came up with..

I'm Gina.
I like when people tell me random useless facts that i'll probably never use.
I like matching my moods with colors.
I like writing
I prefer walking over driving
I like cleaning when i'm stressed out.
I like hard labor work
I like gymnastics..I miss gymnastics.
I'm naturally pigeon toed.
I think that even at my unhappiest, i'm still a lot happier than the average person.
I'd post pictures in here...but i never know what to put. haha!

Does that sound right?

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