Friday, August 28, 2009

Background Music

I feel like i should have deathcab playing in the background everywhere i go.
i don't know why it just feels just.
I feel absolutely amazing after last night.
honestly ! i do! and everyone at work noticed it today.

all i needed was megan to set me straight.
paul said "oh! you look happy today gina"
and i was running on three hours of sleep. and i still
feel better than i if i would have gotten a full nights.

Megan called me out last night.
i've never been called out :o
ahh. um.
she said she felt.
terrified because the past week she could tell something was wrong
and that i've been distancing myself and that
she was afraid she'd lose me because i was just distant.
she said that was the only reason she went to victoria gardens.
was because i was with a boy and she needed to make sure i was okay.
40 miles just to make sure i was stable.
ha! :)

everything is a blur.
but it doesn't matter because i feel so
whole. i guess.

blissful !
and focused
on what is important
i had a dream i got my mission call
haha. i hope its deja vu

or whatever.
i'll probably delete this entry.
it just feels really good to write right noww.

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