Monday, September 7, 2009

Cold Sweats

it feels like i haven't written in so longg
i don't know what to write about.

hm. the key to life is acceptance.
accepting who you can and can't have
what you can and can't be
accepting whats right
and what's wrong
and learning to not let it control your emotions.

its difficult.
i'm almost there. i have friends
those friends that
keep me in line !

Last night was roughh.
and changed my perspective on
a lot of things
until Megan came to work today and bought me lunch
and stood next to my register at work for a half hour while i worked.

i like people just being there they don't even need to say anything.

i wish everyone knew how much i appreciate them
and how much they just cross my mind everyday
only good thoughts of course.
i don't think anyone would be unhappy if they knew

I'm beginning to learn how strong i am
how much i handle
and well too.
people are mean
insulting. . . .. disrespectful and inconsiderate.
completely unreasonable
and i know i could say things that'd make them

but whats the point in that?
everyone deserves to be happyyyyyyyyy

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