Thursday, November 5, 2009

Speaking in Ribbons

you're where?

i'm right here. run to me

don't look ahead, just run to me.

to be pulled away

to fall to the floor.

to slip away.

just a simple

walk to me.

i need not beg.

i need not


for the impossible to become possible.

my insides, weak.

and when the end draws near,

i will be able to stand here

just here with the

ability to say

it wasn't anything i've done wrong


i don't mean to sound emotional

but i really don't feel good.

i've been around sick people for

a couple of days.

megan spent 6 hours sick

SO sick laying on my couch today, and now she's feeling better

and lias feeling better. and i'm feeling awful.

you'd think being sick on my graduation day would be enough of a punishment.

and i'll be working for the next couple of days.

can't you see my body just trembling in excitement?

anyway, i thought this was interesting.
it reads
"I'm studying Hindi, so that when i meet your parents, i can tell them I love you"

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