Saturday, November 21, 2009


my thought speaks for themselves.

if that makes any sense.
just talking myself out of any worries, and fears, all my anxietys. constantly throughout the day.
they're omnipotent, and ..articulate.

and sometimes its hard to believe it is even me..being that strong.
being able to bring myself such comfort, so quickly. i'm stronger than i think. ..i think. i believe

if one was always considered a good person because they never did anything bad, how good could the possibly be if they were never put in a situation that tempted them to do bad?

do you understand what i'm saying?
was that at all relevant?
does it matter?

do i care?

not exactly.

..and it was relevant.

my heart can't control itself.
that sounds so stupid.
but honestly.
it races so fast. it makes me nauseous
it makes me dizzy.
to the point of passing out.

besides the point.
everything is alright; thank you for helping

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