Wednesday, December 2, 2009

i know it just sounds dumb.

and not something interesting to write about at ALL.
but i dont care
my throat
is killing me.

my body feels fine.
i'm not sick. i'm not getting sick
the only reason my nose is runny, is because i've been crying
from the pain its been taking me to swallow.

i'm writing this at 6 am.
because i've been waking up in pain around 530 the past few days because of
my throat. ...haha.

something is swollen. really
something is huge in the back of my throat and
killing me !

i woke my dad up
and he got mad. and told me to take advil
and i sat there crying

whens the last time i cried?
i don't cry !
this is stupid.

i'm taking a bath

my throat.

throat :(

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