Monday, March 1, 2010

its March!

I'm listening to church hymns and trying to process all that's been going on lately.
My family and i tried to pray together and everyone walked out afterwards and went downstairs screaming at eachother. i'm not exactly sure whats been going on but we've all been falling apart. And i want to pray for us so bad but it will have noo affect on such hard hearts. i kind of sit here. and just listen to church hymns. ..hahah
i don't think i'd care period if my dad wasn't suffering from it.
i finished praying and cara and my mom were downstairs arguing. like screeaming at eachother and so i ran downstairs and saw my dad just sitting there.
so i tried to get them to be quiet and i grabbed my mom to try and hold her and she yelled at me
stepping on her foot or something stupid. and i tried to get cara to stop yelling and she yelled at me
so i was just standing between them to try and figure something out

but i guess.
nothing i don't know i want this trial to go away but my family can't seem to soften their hearts enough to move on and use this as a stepping stone to grow closer to christ.

i know its only been a couple weeks. but we're (some?.. its not my place to judge..) growing farther.

... i'll stop here.. ):

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