Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Enos 4&5

4."And my soul hungered; and i kneeled down before my Maker, and cried unto him in mighty prayer and supplication for mine own soul; and all the day long did i cry unto him; yea and when the night came I did still raise my voice high that it reached the heavens.
5.And there came a voice unto me saying : Enos, thy sins are forgiven thee, and thou shalt be blessed."

I was blessed enough to be shown this scripture at Institute today. I can't stress enough how amazing Christ's atonement is. Especially after being able to feel its impact after all that i've done. It's not only indescribable, but incomprehendable.
All i need is the desire to hunger and thirst and fight to feel the Gospel and Christ's love for me - and Heavenly Father meets me halfway, if not closer.

And its beautiful... to say the least. It feels so beautiful.

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