Saturday, May 15, 2010

"God's never sent an angel with wings" - Joseph F. Smith

There's this fourth grader at the new site they sent me to at work, and his mom passed away a year ago from a cold! Of all things, it was like a two week period. And he never properly mourned from it. And all the kids pick on him and he hits himself for it to basically relieve "the memories from himself".

So i came home from work and got on my knees and prayed because there's nothing else i can do. I watched over him at work and stopped the kids from teasing him as soon as i'd see it start. I came to him when he was alone to make sure he was okay. While the site leader yelled at him i'd let him cry to me.

And i drove home and thought about how amazing Christ's plan for us is. That in the small picture - i was sent to this site by what would seem to be chance or badluck. But i know this was in his plan for me. That i need to learn to be more humble and this is where i can learn humility. And this could be the place i learn the power of prayer. I was sent to this site to help this boy and bring him a breath of fresh air. I was sent to this site to let the Light of Christ shine through me. I was sent to this site to be someone's angel. Which is weird to think about. I was sent to help someone. And i'm afraid i'm acting alone, this doesn't seem like something i'd be able to do alone. However, i'm not alone. Ever! i know that. Heavenly Father is always watching over me, and will always keep his angels with me.
He won't let his children suffer, and that's what i'm here for. To be someone's "angel".
Isn't it crazy? Not crazy - miraculous. Incredible.
Well if you're reading this -keep this boy in your prayers.

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