Monday, June 14, 2010

i made it !

Our computers been such a wreck, we can barely do anything ! But i wanted to write really fast about things i've been thinking about these past couple of days.
Well ! Brennen and I started this thing where we ask eachother questions about the gospel that we have to search in our scriptures for or recognize throughout the day and then talk about it at night. He sucks at it. haha!
Except for last night. He's so weird! His question was "What are some reasons we have trials, including the trials satan gives us"
I just wanted to answer it.
Well! The Lord gives us trials to test us, and make us stronger. Satan gives us trials to gain a greater knowledge of where exactly our weaknesses lye, and use it against us. Point blank !
In relief society a couple weeks ago someone was talking about Sister Allred's talk, where she said "I feel like the Lord's favorite!" And it was interesting because it made me notice just how the Lord makes us each feel like His favorite. Makes us feel so amazing it's like we're His only child.
But just as much as we feel like the Lord's favorite, satan also has a way of making us feel like his only target. And i've been noticing this more and more throughout this past week. It's really difficult to endure, until we are blessed for enduring through it. Sometimes enduring through even the most painful trials don't appear to be enough for the blessings we gain at the end. The Lord gives such great things, we'll never be able to return the favor.

Oh ! I got a letter from Ricky Brambila today ! I haven't really payed as much attention to letters as i should, because i haven't been really close to a missionary. Friends or whatever. But he's such a nice boy ! And i loved his letter, I put it on my bulletin board. (haha) At the end it said "ok and going back to those high school days ha I hope you know that you were also such a great example to me. Gina you have such a strong testamony and your example to me helped me build my testamony a lot !..."
I never really thought of it like that ! i just always noticed how much of an example others were to me, but me an example? So weird. I don't know
Well thats all i really wanted to say.

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