Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Divine Virtues

Lia and I went to the Ensign today and i found this book called The Divine Virtues : 14 Values To Live By

And it was interesting ! Because i went in there with the intentions to find and buy a book and there were so many good ones about Jesus's Atonement, and one by M. Russell Ballard just for the Sisters. There was even one that was called The Secrets Prophets Know but Scientists Don't.
But i picked this one up and the Spirit was so strong, so i read the back and it says :

"Feeling discouraged or lost? We all know instant perfect is an impossible goal. How can we keep this commandment? Luckily, modern prophets have explained that perfection it a lifelong process."
um something something something..
"..Along the way, you'll learn to develop Christlike virtues, such as
Obedience and submissiveness, Kindness and gentleness, Temperance, Knowledge, Mercy, and Gratitude"
COOL! 'Written for Gina' is all over this!

But anyway
My sisters and i got matching necklaces. Mine has a really small silver plate that has "If ye have faith as a grain of a mustard seed nothing shall be impossible unto you" with a little glass ball with a mustard seed in it.

I'm really excited about it. It makes me feel beautiful!
Not that i have low self esteem or think low of myself, but it helps me realize the Daughter of God that i am. I mean, what responsibility!
I feel like im representing him. I feel myself have a stronger countenance and spirit around me.
Everyone girl needs one. To help remind them of who they are.
Who they're representing.
How beautiful they are inside and out.
To help them remember how important it is of everything they do. Even what seems to be the smallest of things like
Not cussing ! or Obeying the Word of Wisdom !
It's all so important so we can remember what really matters. The only thing that matters !
which is returning to him.

Life is so so beautiful.


  1. LOVE your necklace!!! You need to share this in institute tonight! LOVE YOU!

  2. Gina,

    I wrote the book "The Divine Virtues." I hope you enjoy it. If you have any positive or negative comments to share, please let me know at rcrife@gmail.com.

    Best regards,