Sunday, June 6, 2010

"I don't HAVE to do anything. That's why i don't do a lot of things."


Well it feels like i've been crying for the past day and a half, and have no idea why. But i feel like i was closer to Christ yesterday than ever in my life. And i feel like i know exactly why.

Well anyway. I was found worthy for my Patriarchal Blessing a while ago. Yet everytime i called Patriarch Morris he was always busy and told me to call back "in a couple weeks." Well i found out today why. (haha :/) Patriarch Morris was released from his calling as the Stake Patriarch, and replace with Patriarch Baugh. I called Patriarch Baugh and he said to call back in a couple weeks because he hasn't been ordained yet. I'm really starting to hate weeks! hahahah
But that's not Baugh or Morris's fault. I worked so hard to get my patriarchal blessing. Cheetahs CAN change their spots! i've changed every last one of mine. My dad was excited about Morris doing mine because he did Cara and Lia's. And Brother Morris was talking to my Dad about us (since he's known us since we were 6) and said we grew up to be 3 beautiful young ladys and its been and honor to know us.. .so on and so forth. I was really hoping for him to do mine.

However! When Patriarch Baugh called back, he seemed just as nice! Lia knew him from her Mission Prep teacher, And Brother Morris was getting old, and tired i assume. He was the Stake Patriarch for 10 years. I guess it was my fault for waiting for so long. Or something. I have no idea why i waited so long.

im just thinking (typing) out loud.

I want to feel the Lord sitting next to me again.

"You call, i hear.
I'll walk the path that's set in stone.
My heart is fixed on getting home.
And what on earth could ever matter more?"

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