Thursday, June 3, 2010

i tried to wait till June to write again

My 'blog' is just filled with these useless entries. And i don't know what to write about now ! haha

I was going through stuff i wrote in my journal awhile ago and found this "quote" thing i wrote, i don't know what to call it. But anyway :

There is no wound the Savior cannot heal, no void the Savior's love cannot fill. Whereever you go you are never out of his reach. With full faith that it can be done, through His will, it will be done.

His miracles are made clear throughout everyday, that this is real, this is what matters, i'm doing the right thing, and he's appreciating. . .that i'm just doing my best. That's all he asks and expects - that I just try!

I'm getting tired i should've started writing this sooner.

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