Friday, September 24, 2010

i Float

and if you don't watch out i might float away
if you don't watch out i might lose myself in the clouds

in bliss of course :)
Life is so good. And its so good to me. And the Lord has a way of catching me.
And it's more important to me than anything in the world. He keeps an eye on me.
And i'm doing alright !
The best i can atleast.
When i'm really happy i think i say 'And' a lot

This is the most i've written in a month, hands down.
P.S. This is Dakota! She's our new addition to the family :) Isn't she BEAUTIFUL!? And not even fully grown yet, so i'm pretty excited to see how big she gets!
YES she has amazing teeth. and YES her nails are CRAZY long. She's a jumper so it's not very fun having her jump on you with her extremely long nails. But she's beautiful and happy! Just needs to calm down a little bit. We're taking her to a dog trainer tomorrow.. first time we've ever taken a dog to a trainer ! It should go alright though.

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