Thursday, September 9, 2010

Poem i submitted to the Ensign

Am i blind Lord?

I cannot see you, yet i know you're there more than anything else
I cannot touch you, yet i feel you there with every fiber in my body
I cannot grasp you, yet i feel you holding me
I am listening, Father
Trying to wrap my mind around your words
You speak in these glorious tongues, i can hardly understand

As i cry in the night with no one around, you rush to comfort me,
Questionless, yet full of knowledge.
You smile upon me as i smile.
You understand me as i sort out my thoughts of distress.
When i cant find my place, you build me a home.
When i cant find my path you shine a light upon me.

Suddenly it becomes clear, im able to see the end.
I am able to see what important.
Father, i am able to see you


i don't care if the endings dumb give me a break i suck at endings -__-
Wish me luck! Prayers would be appreciated. haha i read the Ensign today. It didn't have poems -__- so we'll see. haha

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