Wednesday, September 8, 2010

last post of September! I promise!!

I try to limit it to 3/4 entries a month. I swear i don't think people even read this so i don't like putting too much effort into it.

But i really feel the need to write right now. I got my first letter from Lia today. First letter with my name on it addressed to me concerning things that i've written to her about. And she didn't really say much. But after she asked me what happened with some stuff I wrote her, she said
"'ve probably figured out what to do by now, which i'm sorry for."
And that hit me hard! Hard! And i don't know why. I don't want her to think i feel like shes abandoned me. I mean i am strong... And not in a prideful way, i just think i've just chosen the right thing to do in some difficult situations. You find strength in enduring. I wouldn't say i've endured many hardships but i have gone through things and found strength through the Lord to overcome them.
because that's what i keep telling myself. Or what the spirit is telling me - that strength isn't something you have, it's something you find. You find it through enduring.  Having trials placed in front of you and the first thing you do is pray. When you realize bad things are happening that are out of your control and you turn to the Lord.

Life is good. Its a gift and it's a test. If you endure it well the blessings are incomprehendable. These overwhelming feelings of joy are a tiny fraction of what the Lord will/could bless us with.
Since Lia's been gone on her mission i can't even begin to describe the blessings my family has had. I feel like crying from being spiritually overwhelmed a couple times everyday. I walked into the living room today and found my dad reading his scriptures. I haven't seen that in.....ever.. i don't think. I want to cry it makes me so happy!

Well i'm trying to put pictures on here to make this blog more interesting. It needs more color. So here you go! I took this picture for Lia


  1. Gina.. I hope you don't limit your posts. I love reading them. They are so uplifting and you are such a great example to me. I am so glad you are seeing the blessings that are flowing your families way. There are tons more to come. I love you gina! I love your family!

  2. i'm an example to you?! you're an example me ME! guess we're just following eachother ! :D hahahah i laaaava you :)
    thanks for the hug at institute -__- sorry for getting makeup on your shirt haha most likely atleast. :) <3