Monday, September 6, 2010

off the top of my head of things i've noticed today

I started noticing that whenever i find myself in situations that affect other people i always ask myself if i'm being a burden or a blessing. Then i wonder what i'm doing to be a burden, and what i could change to be a blessing. I would hate for people to not want me to be there when they see me. If that makes any sense.
I know this probably sounds really corney but it helps me lead a more positive life. And that's all i'm aiming for honestly! Especially being LDS. I want people to see me being a good example so i can maybe lead them to what matters most.
But not in a shoving-my-religion-down-your-throat kind of way.
I just love it so much.

Well. here are things that i've noticed help me out with all this
-always maintain eye contact when you're talking to someone. Even when it gets awkward... which it does. but breaking eye contact and looking around really does make the person feel..'unwelcomed' i guess. hahaha
-Facial expressions generally matter more than what you say. Honestly, just look interested and chances are whatever the person's saying will become that much more interesting.
-If you think badly about someone, chances are they can tell. If you think kindly about someone it does affect your countenance.'s hard to explain just know it's true.

um.. i think that's it.

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