Saturday, September 4, 2010

It's September!

I love new month's. But i don't really have high hopes for this one. Things are getting complicated. I guess when things get complicated, you identify the complications and eliminate them until its all simplifyed. Like math. But not like math. I guess.
I don't know! Whatever.
I don't even have anything to elaborate on. I feel like most aspects of my life have become so private and personal i don't even have room to explain.
Mostly because i don't understand.....anything..
I don't know. When in doubt ! Make lists!

Things i do understand:
-Once you accept that things are complicated, they become a lot more simple.
-The Plan of Salvation
-Kids always get more cranky when it's hot outside.
-The difference between a savings and checking account
-Why it's important to drink water and limit your salt intake

Things i don't understand:
-Why i'm not aloud to talk to Lia
-Why i haven't planned my primary lesson for church tomorrow

Gosh. I know life's hard right now but there's no good reason to not serve the Lord.
When life gets complicated : eliminate the complications.
That's all i have to say, i guess.
Sorry for complaining!

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