Thursday, October 21, 2010

'Really Quick'

I'm not sure what i have to say. But i want to say it all
When you look for the Lord's hand in your life you feel so much more love towards everything around you.
Everywhere i look i see somewhere i can help. And everytime i see it, i hate that i can't find a way to get to it all at once.
And maybe that's the Lord testifying to me that i can accomplish peace in an area. That i can be the person to be an angel to someone, and show them that the Lord loves them and that they can see that because he sent me to them.
I want to be 50 people. I want to be 500 people. I want to see everyone and just tell them that God loves them. I want to promise it to them.  Because i feel it in me. I want everyone to feel comfort. Even if it's just for a moment. Wherever i go, i see people who look like they're missing something. And maybe i'm wrong ! I'm not trying to judge. But i want to try and fill that gap in their lives. That's all!

Sometimes i feel like the Lord puts a lot of pressure on me because he knows i can handle it. And sometimes people can't handle it... responsibility. But ... i do my best. And if one person can't. Maybe i can. And i can do enough for more than 1 person and maybe, he'll take what i did and hold someone else responsible for it.. and we can both make it to Heaven for what i did.
Does that make sense?
If i get there, i just want to see everyone there.

Alright i'm done rambling.