Tuesday, December 21, 2010

While I'm Here

This is quote probably renews all of my strength and motivates me to try my best more than anything i've ever read.
Does that make sense?
Well, i read this in Monson's biography. It's the church's response to what was happening in WWII.

"Hate can have no place in the souls of the righteous..Live clean, keep the commandments of the Lord, pray to Him constantly to preserve you in truth and righteousness, live as you pray and then whatever betides you, the Lord will be with you and nothing will happen to you that will not be to the honor and glory of God and to your salvation and exaltation... Then when the conflict is over and you return to your homes, having lived a righteous life, how great will be your happiness- whether you be of the victors or of the vanquished- that you have lived as the Lord commanded."

Sometimes i hate the lack of control that i have. I look at people who look so lost and unhappy and i just want to give them everything that i have. I look at people and i can see that their hearts are broken. And i can see that they're all just looking for something and want somewhere they can sit and breathe easily. I just want to tell them that i have it and i carry it with me everywhere i go. It makes me burdens light and makes life easy to bear. And even though some days i'm facing way too many trials that feel like they're weighing me down, before i leave my house i pray that i'll have the strength to lift someone else's burdens and bring joy to someone's life. And it helps me lift everyone's burdens around me.
Atleast i think it does...hopefully it does...it feels like it does!! Haha.
My life has promise. I'm taking it a day at a time with no plans... other than going on a mission. Haha all is well!
I have learned for myself! :)

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