Friday, December 24, 2010

to be a vessel

"That's all i'm trying to be, is a vessel for Christ's love to shine through. All i have to do is not get in the way of that."
Today i went to my uncles funeral. The second funeral i've been to this year that was at a Catholic church, which is alright - just different. Whenever i feel a little lost i like the feeling of looking down and seeing my CTR ring and remembering exactly where i am.
But funerals are draining! Regardless of how close you are to the person or in my case..are not. But during the reception they played a compilation of home videos of my uncle with a sad song in the background and i tried so hard not to watch it. Which might have been even more draining. I hope people don't give me a depressing funeral. I want it to be more of a 'see you later!'.

Well anyway! Naturally, i was feeling down after that. And felt prompted to watch these nice little LDS videos online. :) I try to watch Stephanie Nielson's regularly. She's incredible.

And i never want to forget the clarity it brought me. Like my CTR ring. So i bought myself a necklace to match her's. One thing i've learned, is you can never have too many things that will remind you of how important you are to the gospel and to Lord. This world is so distracting from it, but we are so beautiful to him.

Each one of us is important!! I can't stress that enough.
All is well "I have learned for myself"

Also, I bought these movies for Family Home Evening. They're going for cheap on Ebay right now! If you need some inspiration.

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