Saturday, December 25, 2010


11 hours until we talk to Lia.
..i'm sorry.. 11 hours until we SKYPE Lia. I get to see her !

The closest person i've been to on the earth. And she's serving the Lord! It's the greatest Christmas present i could have been Blessed with. He was just waiting for me to see it !

Serving the Lord for 18 months! I can't think of anything more amazing to be somewhat apart of.

As well as my other best friend. One of my other great blessings. Serving the Lord for 24 months!!! But i won't be getting a call (or skype) from him. (and that's alright!)


Heavenly Father will always bless you with every tool you'll need to make it back to Him. As long as you find the good in your trials and blessings. Let your blessings strengthen you...more importantly, let your trials strengthen you. Let those around you strengthen your testimony, as well as you strengthen theirs.
Always put the Lord above everyone and i can promise you, He will let your love grow for those around you, and the love for them grow more for you.
The restored gospel on this earth is all that matters, i promise this with everything that i am.

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