Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I put so much thought into what i want to accomplish this new year. I've accomplished every resolution i can remember myself making. So they're pretty important to me. They keep me level headed.
This is what i've come up with for this year!
(in order of importance to me. )

  • Go on a mission
  • Save enough money to pay for every month of my mission until Lia comes home
  • Finish marking up the Book of Mormon's i'm giving to my parents as gifts before i leave.
  • Learn to play the piano...atleast a couple songs. (i'm happy to say i've had my first lesson already)
  • Repaint my room

I started my mission shopping already. My parents bought me a new set of scriptures for my mission and i bought some other stuff that i can hopefully save until August when i can send in my papers.
I've made my appointment to go to the dentist and get a check up to see what i need done so i can finish that. And an appointment to get up to-date on the shots i'll need for my mission, since there's one that you need to get 6 months apart from another.
I guess the point is.. i've never felt more sure that i need to do something in my life. I'm just being moved.

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