Monday, July 26, 2010

Everything In Moderation

I'm waiting for my pizza pockets to finish cooking, and then i'll stop typing.
I like thinking of things i like and dislike throughout the day. Not that i'm constantly thinking about myself, just that i'm constantly changing. Well, not so much changing, as so much discovering new things about myself.
I hope you understand.
This is what i came up with today:

I like sports but hate people watching me, so i hardly play. I think i got my dad's athletic genes.
I'm too shy to make eye contact, even in a coversation. I think my best conversations are when i'm driving and the other person's in the passenger seat, because my eyes are on the road the entire time.
I don't seem to look for boys to be my boyfriends, i look for girls to be my best friend. I really want an absolute, unconditional, best friend - whos best friend is me too!
I like doing my family history work.
I like cleaning when theres church music or classical music on.
I like when the sun's shining. I also like the cold weather but only when i'm inside.
There weird hidden meaning in everything i say. I can never get words right so i don't say what i mean and expect people to understand. It doesn't make sense but i don't know how to fix it, so i don't.

Okay my pizza pockets are done.


  1. I like that you have so much energy and how you are ALWAYS happy! your beautiful smile sure lights up the room when you are in it! I would love to be your best friend and i would love for you to be mine! <3