Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I think. It doesn't matter what you say. How you act upon those thoughts and feelings are what matter. Follow promptings. We're all just instruments.

In every person i meet i recognize a quality in them i love and want to strengthen in myself.

I want to be more accepting. Not that i'd consider myself rejecting, i don't know how to describe it actually. I just want to learn to love every person the second i meet them more.
I want to love what people love about themselves as much as they love it themselves.
I want to be as eager and welcoming towards people as my children at work are.
I want to talk about myself less and others more. I know myself well enough, other people are what matter !

I do my best to do all of these things to the best of my ability. Sincerely, and genuinely. But there is always always always room for improvement, i guess. .. no, i know.
I don't know, it's just something to think about. And it helps me recognize the good, sincere qualities in people. Every one is different, and we're all incredible and unique in our OWN ways. I don't understand why everyone puts people down so often when i really think about it. It's so easy to see the bad in others but we all want others to see the good in us. I just don't understand it! That's all.


  1. wow GeGe this is good pretty girl. you're such an inspiration to me. :) I'm so happy to say your a friend of mine. you write real and meaningful and things to really think about. i love love it! <3

  2. really?! you're my friend too!! :) i love youu <3 i'm glad you liked it :) you inspired it !!